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photo of attorney Paige Tomaselli

Paige Tomaselli

  • Partner


Practice Areas

  • Civil Litigation
  • Public Interest
  • Administrative Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Food and Agricultural Law
  • Tribal Sovereignty and Sovereign Immunity
  • Consumer Protection


Paige Tomaselli is a highly experienced public interest practitioner and civil litigator. Paige handles a wide variety of litigation against administrative agencies, including the Department of the Interior, United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration, and Environmental Protection Agency. She is also an accomplished civil litigator, protecting the public, non-profits, small businesses, and Native American tribes. Paige spent a decade representing consumers, farmers, and the public at the Center for Food Safety, where she litigated cases at the Fourth, Eighth, and Ninth Circuit, and the Supreme Court.

Previously, Paige worked to protect municipal water from petrochemical pollution at Sher Leff, LLP, and represented tribal governments at Greenfire Law and LevitanLaw.